Thursday, February 15, 2007

Song Implant

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? Of course you do, you're human. LOL My best buddy, Cyndi got me the KT Tunstall CD for my birthday. The girls and I have been listening to it in the Jeep. My favorite song is Black Horse & the Cherry Tree (Woo-oooo). It's Youngest Princess's too as we can't just listen to it once, but we have to listen to it numerous times. So anyway, that's the song that's stuck in my head at this very moment. I just thought I'd share a song implant for you too!


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Funny Story

After picking up Oldest Princess today, we were on our way home when this "kid" (under 20) pulled up next to us at a stop light in a lowered Honda CRX. He started lurching forward like he was trying to get me to race. Um, first off, I was turning and he was going straight. Secondly, my Cherokee could drive over the top of him. Thirdly, he didn't know who he was messing with. ;) He kept looking over and I just kind of rolled my eyes at him. Little does he know that I used to drag race. Don't worry, not on the street, on the race track. LOL When I was 16, I took Top Eliminator for the whole race. I got a trophy that was probably 3 feet tall. LOL I still have it around here somewhere, probably somewhere in the pit we lovingly refer to as a garage. LOL So anyway, moral of the story is, don't challenge someone to race when you don't know their background. ;)

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Ms. Carpenter

Last weekend we happened to go to Lowe's. While we were there, we saw they were having a kids project going on. Craig asked me if Youngest Princess was going to do it. I said that I thought you usually had to preregister for those sort of things. I saw a girl working at it and I asked her. She said, "you don't have to this month, we have extra kits" WOOHOO, Youngest was excited! She got her very own apron and nametag, just like the workers wear, goggles, hammer and her kit. All the tables were full, so we planted our behinds down on the floor. We followed the directions and made a real cute valentine "mailbox" thingy. Youngest had a blast and was very proud of herself. When she was done, she turned in her hammer (got to keep the apron and goggles) and got a certificate of completion and a patch I will sew onto her apron. I didn't have the camera, but I did have a trusty camera phone!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ignorance is Bliss

You know how you can walk by something day in and day out and you don't notice it anymore? I just now (yes, it's February) realized I still have the Christmas cards that were sent to us taped to the front door. LOL That needs to be on my list of things to do....take the cards down! I could also make a whole list of other things that need to be done around here too. LOL

Hurry Quick!

In case you just came out from under your rock, don't forget that today is Valentine's Day!! Hurry quick and head over to and get your free funny eCards for Valentine's Day or even a birthday!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

I am so thankful to my wonderful husband. He's put up with so much from me and never really said anything about how awful I was.

I'm talking about before I got my, what I lovingly refer to, happy pills. LOL My anti-depressants. Since I haven't had insurance for 3+ years, I haven't been able to get my prescriptions. But, lack of insurance is a whole nother post ;) Anyway, right after Christmas, I had to go in to see the doctor as I had strep throat. I asked the doctor what I could do, if Target or Wal-Mart had any of meds I could take on their $4 list. My doc was pretty good, she gave me samples of the meds I was taking before and said to call her in a month. Phew! I can't believe the difference in how I feel. I'm actually happy. :) I catch myself smiling now. Anyway, I'm rather long-winded, but I said all that to say that never once did Craig complain about how I was acting. I know he sees the difference because he has asked me a couple times how I think the meds are doing. I tell him how I'm feeling and he agrees that I act/seem like I'm happier. He even asked the pharmacist at Target how much a month's supply is. It's $115 but not as bad as we had thought. He's also a fantastic daddy!! I couldn't have asked for a more involved dad.

I love you, Craig!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Hi Vlad. I got those smileys at Best

Thanks for stopping by!

It's Tuesday

But guess what?! No dance class today. I stayed home with Youngest Princess today due to her having a bad cold. She'd probably be fine at dance class, but why push it? Especially when I'd love to stay at home? LOL

Let's see, I got the laundry all done, including the sheets on the bed and have remade the bed. I haven't gotten the dishes done yet though....I'm a slacker :)


Thanks, Maggie for the comment about Macy's! I found out today though, that the dinner is canceled. Waaaaaaaahhhhh! The dinner was through the church, but they didn't even get 50% of the response that they needed to have so they canceled it. My reasoning is because it was a Thursday night. Oh well, Craig is still getting off work early and coming home and we'll go to dinner somewhere. He asked if I wanted to do it Wednesday and I told him no way! Everything will be too busy. LOL


Wow, Craig and his friends would love to have one of these poker tables. Craig and his friends from work get together to play usually once every couple months or so. These tables would be a huge improvement over the card tables they use now. Talk about feeling like you're on the World Poker Tour!

Go check them out, they're beautiful!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Girl Talk...again

Oh boy. I can overhear Oldest Princess on the phone with two of her friends. She IM'd me to tell me they were having a 3-way conversation. LOL Anyway, they're talking about who's hotter....Ben, Some other kid or "Rye Bread", which I have now discovered to be some kid by the name of Rylie. You should hear the squealing coming from her room as one of her friends will say something to the effect of so and so high-fived me today!! I think it's along the lines of "I'll never wash this hand again".

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Have you ever looked at your caller ID and wondered who was at the phone number (xxx) xxx-xxxx because it only gave a number and possibly a city/state? Or do you recognize the number, but can't quite remember who that number belongs to and don't want to call it back without knowing exactly who you'll be talking to?

Never, fear, now you can do a Reverse Cell Phone Look Up with this new website! Check it out!

The Beginning of the Week

Happy Monday!!! I only have to work 2 more shifts at job #2 this week. YAHOOOOOOO! I, of course, have the other job, but that's ok. Craig and I are going to a Valentine's dinner on Thursday night. I still need to find something to wear. ACK! I hate that. I've looked at all my normal stores, although, I should go check at Macy's. Hmmm, I wonder when I can find the time LOL

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Days of Our Lives Fans

Craig's Aunt is a huge fan of Days of Our Lives. She's even been to a fan convention and has done a scrapbook about her trip. Since she's such a fan, I'm going to pass on this site for Days of Our Lives.

Go check it out! I really like the fact that they're so in tune with their readers. One reader even wrote in and asked for pics of "Kayla's" hair so she could take the pictures to her hairdresser to have her hair cut the same way. The site answered her request! That's great customer service, I'd say!

I also like the way the site is laid out. Very user-friendly. There are separate
sections for updates, news, spoilers and more. I like the fact that I don't have to go hunting for the information I want. I just click on the link and go.

After passing this link on, I'm going to be the favorite niece-in-law!

Strange White Substance

There's this strange white substance on the bathroom counter. I asked Youngest Princess what it was. Was it powder? Her response was, "no, it's toilet paper". Um, ok. Doesn't look like it, but upon closer inspection, it was, indeed, wet, soggy toilet paper. I then asked Youngest why there was wet toilet paper on the counter. You ready for this????

"I was making a snowman". Um, alrighty then.

I hope we don't need to call my dad, the plumber, to do a snowman rescue from the drain. LOL

Send me a Valentine!

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