Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pay Per Post

Have you heard about Pay Per Post? If you haven't, go check it out. You can make money blogging!

Pay Per Post has rolled out a new update recently. With this update there is some big money to be made! It's called segmentation. If your page rank on your blog is high, you can make as much as $1,000 for one post!! Isn't that incredible? Now not all are that high, but you can sometimes make $25 per post, or even more!

Now don't worry if your page rank isn't high because Pay Per Post has opportunities for you too! You can usually make at least $5 per post but, more often than not, you can make more. But just think, making these posts may help your page rank increase, thusly making you able to take the higher paying opportunities! It's a win-win situation!

No matter which opportunity you take, Pay Per Post does require that when you make a post that you have a simple disclosure statment. No problem!

Compared to other paying blog sites, Pay Per Post takes less of the fee from the advertisers, meaning more money in your pocket! Can't beat that! So head over and check out Pay Per Post and get paid for writing what you want!!

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