Monday, February 12, 2007

The Beginning of the Week

Happy Monday!!! I only have to work 2 more shifts at job #2 this week. YAHOOOOOOO! I, of course, have the other job, but that's ok. Craig and I are going to a Valentine's dinner on Thursday night. I still need to find something to wear. ACK! I hate that. I've looked at all my normal stores, although, I should go check at Macy's. Hmmm, I wonder when I can find the time LOL


Maggie said...

I love Macy's! I found some great deals for my guys at Macy's last week! That reminds me, I forgot to get out Jonathan's one birthday gift I got from there!

I'm envious that you get to go out for Valentine's Day! Have a wonderful time!

Cyndi said...

where ya going? We're getting our traditional heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's! LOL