Friday, August 17, 2007

Moving in New Jersey?

Are you in or near New Jersey? Are you planning on moving soon and need a moving company in NJ? Check out and get a 'free competitive moving quote'.

I think that's a fantastic idea! I love having all the names and numbers in one spot! No more digging around the phone book trying to keep track of who I've called and who offers what services.

What a Day!

Phew! I'm beat! Let's see, we did so much today, I'll see if I can remember it all. I know you're all dying with anticipation of where we've been. Ha!

*Princesses' swimming lessons
*Target to get wedding shower gifts. Didn't find item that was clearanced. Found it, but it wasn't clearanced like it said it was online.
*Go home, check registry again.
*Head to Target #2 to check their registry. Get half way there, realize we forgot Oldest Princesses flute we were going to take in to be cleaned before school starts, so we turn around and head home
*Get home, get flute
*Back to Target #2. Same thing, not clearanced, but at least this time we got all the pages to the registry. Shop for other things for shower.
*Go to Kmart, where Cyndi told me they had cute Ts on sale. Ours didn't have them BOGO like hers. Oh well, didn't have what I was looking for anyway.
*Go to music store, argue with the guy that it needs cleaned. Especially since it's under warranty until I pay it off and I just dropped off the last payment
*Go to Wendy's for lunch and listen to some guy talk his tablemate's ear off about work crap.
*Go downtown to mall and drive around the block 4 times to find a parking place on the street as I have our stupid truck with the piperack on it and can't get into the parking garage.
*Run to Hallmark to look at Webkinz
*Run to Aeropostale because Oldest Princess had to go look *insert eyeroll here*
*Come home, realize I should have gone to the bank while downtown, but forgot
*Listed on eBay, still not showing as of this publication
*Parents called wanting to know if we wanted to go with them to get cat supplies for the cat that adopted them.
*Went to PetSmart, PetCo (it's where the pets go afterall) and Walmart
*Went back to their house, searching for said cat, who was nowhere to be found. Finally decide to have Mom bring us home and she looks out and cat is sitting there looking all innocent. So, bring her in and Oldest Princess plays with the cat for a while. Finally, we're driven home.
*Realize I missed my work shift at 8:30. ACK!


I listed something on eBay 4.5 hours ago and it's still not showing in the searches. I find that a bit odd. They sent me the email saying that it's listed. I know it takes a while to show, but 4.5 hours?????? That's a bit much, I think.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gifts for Men

When Father's Day, Christmas or Craig's birthday comes around, I always have trouble coming up with gifts for him. Same thing with my dad. My dad is a big car nut, so I'd love to get him one of these wall plates. He'd probably like the flame ones. They're really cool or since they're flames, I guess they'd be rather hot, huh? hehehe The diamond plate ones are pretty cool too. I'd have to get him a matching diamond plate garbage can for his shop because every shop needs a cool garbage can.

Blog Rolls

I'm noticing that not all my blogs on my blogroll are showing that they're updated. Anyone know a reason why?

Vet Visit

Wow! It took 2 hours at the vets office today. Sweet Pea had to have her drainage tubes taken out. Doctor said that she's looking really good, so that's a plus. She's just worried because of where the injuries/seepage is, Sweet Pea could end up with a urinary infection. She also didn't charge us for this visit! Phew! That was a load off my mind!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Moderation? Or Free-for-All?

What is your opinion on this parenting debate? I'm of the camp that allows my children to have things in moderation, hoping to thwart their desire to eat sweets until they're sick. I've even used this in my own life, while doing Weight Watchers. If I allow (and make note of it, of course) myself to have one cookie/cake/whateversoundsgoodatthemoment, I don't have the desire to eat the whole cookie jar of cookies.

I'm hoping the Princesses will follow through with this moderation when it comes to their finances. I'm trying to teach them that credit cards shouldn't be thought of as "free" money, because, we all know, it's far from free! Wish me luck!

Wordless Wednesday

Whew, what a weekend!

We went to visit my grandparents, but before we left, I heard a commotion outside. I got out there and didn't see anything. Sounded like a dog fight. Our kitty didn't come home until 8:30 Sunday night....the fight wasn't dogs, it was cats. Our kitty didn't fare too well. Craig and I took her in Sunday night and $400 later, she's got antibiotics and stitches with 4 drains. Tomorrow, I have to take her in to get the drains removed. Cha-Ching!