Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Love This Movie!

Grumpy Old Men is on right now. I love it! It's a classic! I love the banter going back and forth between the men. It helps that I have relatives in Minnesota, so I can kind of relate to the weather and the town in the movie. LOL

Bad Day

Talk about a bad day at work! LOL Techie Wipes Out $38 Billion Fund

Twilight Zone

:Insert Twilight Zone music here:

I just noticed that the comment feature on my Wordless Wednesday post wasn't working. Strange, I haven't done anything different, but yet it was turned off. Anyway, commence commenting! ;)

Wordless Wednesday

I've had some comments asking where this is. This is from the train station looking down Main Street. We had early ADR's at Cinderella's Castle, so that's why there aren't a whole lot of people there.