Thursday, February 05, 2015

Time flies when you're having fun!

Good grief! 7 years? It has been that long since I've logged in here? Apparently nobody really missed it, especially me. hahaha Let's see. What's new with me? I have a new job (well, I've been there 6 months now) after being fired and unemployed for 10 months. My previous job....yeah. Let's just say, I have morals and others didn't. Ha! They told me, oh it will be SOOOOOOO easy for you to find a job. Yeah......10 months later. I do love my new job. It's so nice to be appreciated. We have moved. We weren't looking to move. An opportunity for a bigger house, bigger yard, storage for our trailer just fell into our lap. Couldn't pass it up. :) Our oldest daughter is a sophomore in COLLEGE!!! Did you read that right? Yeah, college!! Crying out loud.......wasn't she just born a couple years ago? Our youngest is in 7th grade and growing up so fast. I thought, too, that she was born just a couple years ago!