Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's Raining....again

Thursday and Friday were gorgeous. Youngest Princess kept asking if we could go out and plant the flowers we bought last weekend. Would have been a great idea had I not been sick with strep throat....again! UGH! I need to call the doc because they gave me straight penicillin and I think it's giving me stomach cramps. When it wears off, I feel better. Take another pill, start getting stomach cramps. Only half an hour till they open. But, my throat is feeling better. lol But of course, today, it's raining. Poor flowers will have to wait for another day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Writing a Book?

I've thrown around the idea about writing a book. If I was to write one, it would be a children's book. One thing holding me back would be the whole publishing aspect. That is enough to hold me back.

There's now a book publisher that can help you get that book published. You, as the author, get to control such decisions as to when and how many are printed. Your book will then be available at 25,000 stores and even at online stores! So what are you waiting for? Get to writing!

Support Virginia Tech!!

Friday, April 20, Hokie Hope: Orange and Maroon Effect -- Virginia Tech family members across the country have united to declare this Friday, April 20, an "Orange and Maroon Effect" day to honor those killed in the tragic events on campus Monday and to show support for VT students, faculty, administrators, staff, alumni, and friends. Everyone across the country is invited to be part of the Virginia Tech family this Friday and wear orange and maroon to support the families of those who were lost and support the school and community.

Virginia Tech

My heart and prayers go out to all the students, faculty, families of the victims, police officers, EMT's, etc. of this senseless tragedy.

In a way I'm glad we, the people, don't have to support this coward in jail for the rest of his life, but I also would have liked to see him suffer for his actions. Then he went and shot himself in the face. I bet he thought he was pretty smart doing that. Figured he'd give one more jab to the police. Well, I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking of him as a coward!

It makes me so scared to let my Princesses out of my site or to date. All of this senselessness over a jealous ex-boyfriend. Incredible.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Vegas, Baby!

I looked into how much it would be for Craig and I to fly into Vegas for a few days. We love just walking around looking at the sites. We like staying at either the Luxor or Paris. I even mentioned it to him the other day and he was all for it, except for the fact that we don't have the money to do it right now. Just a little "technical difficulty". *wink*

But anyway, if you'd like to drool over some gorgeous properties, go take a look at Las Vegas real estate. Look at this gorgeous home. Did you look at the pictures? Absolutely beautiful!

Yard Work

Yesterday was a great day. We went to Lowe's and got some flowers for the yard, weed killer and seeds for the garden. The princesses picked out some seeds for a little garden they're going to make. Mowed the front lawn. I had lowered the lawn mower down and scalped some of the yard (oops!) It should grow back soon (I hope), but it looks really nice. I mowed about a quarter of the backyard, but our yard cart (garbage can for yard stuff) was full and it won't be picked up until Wednesday. So I guess I get to finish later this week.

We then went to my parents' house and Craig helped my dad load some swap meet stuff on the trailer and I helped my mom pull a few weeds. I even got a bit sunburned.