Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Youthful Ignorance

Bahahahaha! Youngest Princess just said to Craig....you're 37, right? How old is Mommy? 20? or 30? Bahahahahahaha He robbed the cradle, but not quite that bad. :wink:

Wordless Wednesday

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Craptastic Mother

I must be the most craptastic mother on the planet!

I noticed this morning that the little marigold plant that Youngest Princess planted in Sunday School and gave me last week for Mother's Day was all dry and the flowers were hanging over. I quickly watered it, but it's too far gone I'm afraid. :( I couldn't even keep it alive for a week!


Being the mom of a pre-teen, I think this is a fantastic idea! Have you heard about PAYjr Visa Buxx? It's a chore and allowance system for kids. Plus, when Oldest Princess becomes a teen, she can get a prepaid VisaBuxx card.

The whole system just seems like a win-win! I can assign the chores and then print out a chore chart. The system will even send an email to Oldest Princess reminding her of the chore and how much it's worth, so I don't have to sound like a nagging mom. I can do it the high-tech way! *wink*

Oldest Princess can watch her savings add up. She can also learn about budgeting for what she really needs, as opposed to what she thinks she wants. Her thinking is changed when it's her money.

In a few months, when she becomes a teen, she can earn the prepaid MasterCard. I can track where she's spending her money. It's such a great idea! She knows how much she has to spend and can't go over it!

Is it Tuesday Yet?

Oh my goodness. This last week has been so hectic! I worked over 40 hours at my one job this past week. We were getting ready to have an auction to benefit Royal Family Kids Camps for foster kids. One night I worked until 9:00. Friday night, the night of the auction, I didn't get home until almost 11:30. But, we made $33K for the camp!! WOOHOO!!

Yesterday, Youngest Princess and I were in a parade. It wasn't really sunny, but I managed to get sunburned. Luckily Youngest Princess didn't. From there, I went to help with the school's garage sale. Today I was in the nursery during church. Tomorrow night is the Princesses' dance recital. Come Tuesday, I'm free!!!!!!!!