Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sickies update

Phew! I was able to get the prescriptions from Walgreens yesterday with little to no problem. I thought for sure I'd have a problem, we always do. But I went through the drive through, picked up Craig's insulin and Oldest Princess's two prescriptions, or so I thought. I pulled away from the window and luckily decided to check. I mean I just spent $75 on prescriptions, I was going to make sure I had them all. Good thing I did. They didn't give me Craig's insulin, which they had forgotten to take out of the refrigerator. *sigh* So after sitting in the drive-through for 15 minutes, we had to go inside anyway. There were literally about 10 cars behind us so I figured it would take forever inside, but there was only one person in front of us. Phew! Was able to get Craig's insulin with little to no trouble. Yay!

So anyway, Oldest Princess is feeling a ton better! Her attitude has improved as well. Bonus for us all! LOL

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