Wednesday, February 28, 2007


About a year ago or so, we refinanced our home. We went with the same institution that carried our previous mortgage. We had had good luck with them and gotten a low interest rate, but I would have liked to have a site like this one for comparing mortgage rates to see if we could have gotten a better rate from someone else.

With the refinance, we also paid off the credit cards. But, we have since used them again. With the one card we have a high interest rate. We need to find one that isn't so high. The site compares credit cards in the U.K. I think that's such a great idea to be able to compare them all in one place!

I've been trying to put extra money into our savings account. I'd like to have a little cushion in there. I always have, and it has come in handy at times! If you're in the U.K. and looking for comparisons of interest rates on your savings accounts check them out! even has comparisons on car insurance with online discounts going through their site. What a great incentive since insurance can be so high!

If you're in the U.K. and looking for any kind of loans or insurance, take a look at and compare rates all in one place!

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