Thursday, August 23, 2007

Alzheimer's Memory Walk

Oh my goodness! Alzheimer's is such a horrid disease! People end up a fraction of what they used to be. My grandpa had Alzheimer's. He was a state patrol officer for years, so it was so hard to watch this proud man's mind deteriorate. He couldn't even remember to do everyday things. He couldn't be left alone, so that hurt his pride. My grandma had to take care of him just as you would a young child, such as Grandpa knew he was supposed to do "something" such as brush his teeth, but without Grandma there to constantly remind him, he couldn't remember exactly what "something" was.

Luckily, there are people who care about finding a cure for this horrible disease. The Alzheimer's Association has been searching for a cure and supporting these people who need it. You, too, can support this worthy cause, by partaking in a Memory Walk in your area. There are many around the country, I'm sure there's one near you! I can't urge you enough to get out there and support this association, because you never know when this disease will strike your grandparents or parents.

Go now and sign up! Be a team captain! Get your family and co-workers to help your team, get the neighborhood to be a team, get moms from your child's class to be a team! There's really no excuse not to! Please help this worthy cause!

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