Sunday, May 06, 2007

Someone was looking out for us

So after church we had to run to Target to get the cat food. After leaving Target, we had to stop behind people getting out of the car (guy was dropping them off) and this lady backed out from a parking space and hit the side of my Cherokee. I look out my window and see a cartrunk right outside the window. The car pulls back into the spot and I get out (imgagining the whole side caved in) and look at the damage. Craig asks, "So how bad is it?" I look at the back door and don't see much. I then close my door and don't see much. The woman gets out of her car asking if we're ok. Believe it or not, neither one of our cars has any damage. Not a scratch!! We all couldn't believe it. She must have hit us square on so that her bumper gave and our shocks took the brunt of it. We were all very thankful that someone was looking out for us today!

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