Friday, May 11, 2007


This year is Craig's 20 year reunion. It's now May and we've figured we've got to hear something soon. The light bulb finally went off and I did an internet search. Lo and behold, they have a website. Craig seems to be on the "Lost" list. Gee, that's funny, we've lived in the same house we lived in 10 years ago and they have all that information. It was in the thingy they sent out after the 10 year about what people are doing, how many kids, etc. On the website, they have our last name spelled wrong. :eyeroll: I suppose that's the reason he's "lost" but doesn't really make a whole lot of sense since if they pulled their head out and looked at the thingy that has our address in it.......

You know what's funny (NOT!) is he had to track them down for his 10 year too. He was lost then, even though his mom had the same phone number he did in high school. :eyeroll:


Sindy said...

Maybe they think he's "lost" in a whole 'nother sense!



Cyndi said...