Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blogger Choice Awards

Have you seen the Blogger Choice Awards? Have you been nominated? Do you want to nominate your favorite blog?

These web awards have fun categories such as Best Geek Blog, Hottest Mommy Blogger, Most Obnoxious Blogger, Worst Blog of All Time, Freakiest Blogger, Hottest Daddy Blogger, Best Celebrity Blogger and many other great categories. If you're nominated, you can grab cool little "badges" to put on your site letting the world wide web know of your nomination and to go vote. Go on, grab that badge and stand tall! If you have been nominated, let me know because I want to go take a look and gather all my facts before making my votes.

I have yet to be nominated, but if you feel I fit into one of the many categories of the Blogger Choice Awards, then please (I'm begging you *wink* ) go nominate this blog. Even if you don't like it, there's categories for that too.

Nominations and voting take place now through 11:59pm on May 22 and the winners will be announced at PostieCon. If you're going to PostieCon, then by all means get the word out for people to vote for your blog so you can accept your award in person! How neat would that be?

Don't let your favorite (or your least favorite) blogs miss out on winning these great awards because you didn't go nominate and vote for them, so do it now!

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