Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Are You More...

Are you more...

01) A fan of Michael Keaton in Batman or a fan of Michael Keaton in Johnny Dangerously? Don't think I've seen JD so I'll go with Batman
02) Gol-durn tootin' fer sure not to swear even when you could or god-damned well going to swear when appropriate, for fuck's sake? Try not to
03) The bug or the windshield? Windshield
04) Likely to shed a tear at a sad movie or likely to shed a tear at a sad song? Both!  LOL
05) Boris Badinov or Rocky the Flying Squirrel? Rocky
06) A blistering hot, cloudless day or a rainy, overcast, coolish day? Overcast, coolish
07) Likely to go out for haute cuisine or likely to go out for diner food? Diner food!
08) Always ready to expand your paradigm at a moment's notice or cozily mired in the way things are and you want them to STAY that way? Stay
09) Likely to eat a salad that you aren't sure what's all in it or likely to eat a grilled tofu substitute for a meat you like? Grilled Tofu
10) Saucy or bland? Saucy!!

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