Friday, August 17, 2007

What a Day!

Phew! I'm beat! Let's see, we did so much today, I'll see if I can remember it all. I know you're all dying with anticipation of where we've been. Ha!

*Princesses' swimming lessons
*Target to get wedding shower gifts. Didn't find item that was clearanced. Found it, but it wasn't clearanced like it said it was online.
*Go home, check registry again.
*Head to Target #2 to check their registry. Get half way there, realize we forgot Oldest Princesses flute we were going to take in to be cleaned before school starts, so we turn around and head home
*Get home, get flute
*Back to Target #2. Same thing, not clearanced, but at least this time we got all the pages to the registry. Shop for other things for shower.
*Go to Kmart, where Cyndi told me they had cute Ts on sale. Ours didn't have them BOGO like hers. Oh well, didn't have what I was looking for anyway.
*Go to music store, argue with the guy that it needs cleaned. Especially since it's under warranty until I pay it off and I just dropped off the last payment
*Go to Wendy's for lunch and listen to some guy talk his tablemate's ear off about work crap.
*Go downtown to mall and drive around the block 4 times to find a parking place on the street as I have our stupid truck with the piperack on it and can't get into the parking garage.
*Run to Hallmark to look at Webkinz
*Run to Aeropostale because Oldest Princess had to go look *insert eyeroll here*
*Come home, realize I should have gone to the bank while downtown, but forgot
*Listed on eBay, still not showing as of this publication
*Parents called wanting to know if we wanted to go with them to get cat supplies for the cat that adopted them.
*Went to PetSmart, PetCo (it's where the pets go afterall) and Walmart
*Went back to their house, searching for said cat, who was nowhere to be found. Finally decide to have Mom bring us home and she looks out and cat is sitting there looking all innocent. So, bring her in and Oldest Princess plays with the cat for a while. Finally, we're driven home.
*Realize I missed my work shift at 8:30. ACK!

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Michele said...

Phew! Blog hopping and when I came across this post I thought whoa... I'm exhausted... I just don't know how you do it. I haven't any kids but boy oh boy, just with my husband and my full time job I find it exhausting... I'm in awe!