Friday, June 22, 2007

Virtual Sandcastles

Youngest Princess and I just built some Sandcastles. It was a lot of fun! You had many options to choose from and you could even color the sand. You got to add fun little things like beach balls, seagulls, crabs and even flags to the top of your sand towers. It was really easy to do, even Youngest Princess colored her sandcastle by herself. She even wants to go make some more. I guess she loves digging in the sand whether it's real or virtual!

The website even has a sandcastle gallery so you can see what sandcastles other people have built. Some of them are quite extravagant! I've always been envious of people who can make sandcastles actually look like something! Mine usually look like what they are.....upside down buckets. Thank goodness for the internet, where my sandcastle looks like something!

Make sure your speakers are turned up too! There are sounds of seagulls and waves crashing on the beach. If you close your eyes you can just imagine yourself sitting there with a cool breeze blowing over you and a cool drink in your hand.

Go build your own Sandcastles. It's a blast! I even built one without youngest Princess. I really wish I was sitting on that beach right now!

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