Tuesday, June 05, 2007

1408 Movie

Have you seen the previews for the 1408 Movie? It looks fantastic! If you're into suspense thriller type movies, you're going to love this one!

The movie stars Samuel L. Jackson (who I love as an actor!) and John Cusack. Watch the trailer here in my post and you'll see what I mean. It looks so intense!

John Cusack plays an author who only believes in what he can physically see. He doesn't believe in the afterlife and wrote numerous books on the subject. He's writing a new book about spending the night in haunted hotel rooms, where he learns of one room, 1408, in the Dolphin Hotel that is haunted. Samuel L. Jackson is the hotel manager and he warns John Cusack that 56 people have died in room 1408. He states that noone ever lasts more than an hour in that room. John Cusack's character sees this as a challenge. He's still trying to discredit the afterlife stating he's never seen a ghost, but, while staying in room 1408, Cusack's character may be in for a change of mind.

The 1408 Movie is based upon a novel by renowned author, Stephen King. Everyone has heard of Stephen King's novels. Given the basis for the movie, it will be fantastic! This is definitely one that I would love to go see!


R2K said...

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Snoskred said...

Hi, it's Snoskred here. I've recently become a blogging chick and have set myself a challenge to comment on as many Blogging Chick blogs as I can. So that's why I'm here. ;)

I'm a huge Stephen King fan and I haven't read the book, so I might see this. I usually get disappointed if I've read the book before.

Nice blog design, too! ;)