Monday, April 30, 2007

Great Weekend

The weather was beautiful. It was between 65-70 degrees. Saturday afternoon, I helped a friend paint her two bedrooms. The one bedroom had been painted black by the people before them. That was fun to cover up. NOT! LOL We put 2 coats of primer on it and it's finally ready for paint. We also painted her bedroom. It turned out really pretty. I woke up yesterday morning pretty sore, but not as sore as I expected to be.

Yesterday I ended up singing on Worship Team. I was in the back though because I hadn't planned on singing so I was wearing capri pants. LOL Yesterday afternoon was my cousin's daughter's (is that my 2nd cousin?? I never understood that stuff) birthday party. It was fun and yummy. We came home and I mowed the lawn (Yes, I just mowed it on Monday, but the fertilizer I used is really working!! LOL). I then watched a bunch of stuff I had DVR'd and really didn't do a whole lot the rest of the day. Nice and relaxing!

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