Sunday, March 11, 2007


Yesterday I went to the scrapbook convention. On my way home, I turned my phone back on and there was a voicemail. It was from Craig. He said that Youngest Princess was sick. Oh lovely. I was supposed to go to Craig's aunts to scrapbook, but I offered to come home. He told me to go ahead and go, that they would be fine. I got home then at about 9:30 and was really tired. I offered to sleep on the floor because Princess was sleeping on the couch. Craig said, nope, go ahead and go to bed, I'll stay out here with her. So he slept here in the chair. I woke up at 4 something and came and checked on them. They were both sleeping soundly, so I went back to bed. But about half an hour later, I heard them both so I got up. Princess was sick again. Poor thing has been sick all night. I'm exhausted because I only got 4-5 hrs of sleep, but I sent Craig to bed. I need to be at church in half an hour. I'm not dressed yet. LOL I'm supposed to be singing today. That's not going to happen. I sound like a frog due to my cold. *Ribbit*

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