Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Rugs Done Right

I had the opportunity to look over the Rugs Done Right Blog. There is so much information that can be found there!

For instance, I didn't know that if you have an area rug, it could cause static electricity, which in turn, may hurt your computer. There are now new non-static fibers that are being used in some area rugs to prevent this problem. Who would have thought? I'm glad someone did!

There are so many good tips on how to buy rugs and how to save money in doing it. Also on this blog are tips for cleaning area rugs, which is really helpful because it's not exactly like you can just throw them in the washer!

They also came across this neat little feature for when you're browsing online looking for rugs...they have the names of Benjamin Moore paint colors that match that particular rug so you can get a paint chip you like from your local store and then match it to the rug so you know exactly what color you're getting when purchasing online! What a great concept!

Overall, this blog is really helpful when it comes to choosing area rugs! Go check it out!

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